Europe is Under Threat, and it Could Break NATO

The European Union is struggling financially, struggling to maintain domestic harmony, and struggling with the influx of very non-European migrants, many of whom are escaping disastrous NATO interventions.

Austerity programs are little understood in North America, where most benefits programs aren’t universal, but it’s a big deal in places like Europe and even in parts of Canada. The reason for this is simple, in much of Europe, social program benefits are universal, they are guaranteed to anyone who can fog up a mirror. Unlike in the United States, where to even get into a similar program requires stroking the right puppies, doing the appropriate rain dance, and saying the exact right things to the civil servant who’s job it is to deny you. Many of the programs are also arcane to apply for, with so many complicated qualification and probation rules, that unless you have an expert helping you, you may not even get in, and this means you don’t necessarily notice when it’s taken away to pay for even more bombs.

The truth is however, that social programs serve to keep the poorest citizens of a nation contributing to the economy, and austerity programs essentially prevent GDP growth, by excluding ever more people from the consumer economy. This is a true, but unpopular way of viewing social programs in America. Most people prefer to think of it as a class of unemployed moocher taking away their hard-earned tax dollars, a belief that the wealthy elites have fostered in America for generations, by constantly complaining about government waste, and high taxes. Hardly anyone dares question the logic of taking from the less poor to pay for the poorer, while the richest pay less and less; there seems to be some selective amnesia or collective psychosis around this topic. Economic “activists” like Robert Reich, and working-class politicians like Bernie Sanders are trying to fight back, but it’s an uphill battle.

In Europe the situation is much different. The people themselves know the value of social programs or safety nets, but their leaders insist on effectively disobeying the will of the people. Right now, many of Europe’s central banks are teetering on insolvency, putting pressure on the European Central Bank (ECB), as their economies flounder, trying to offer more loans, more recklessly. A few countries have even gone so far as introducing negative interest rates to drive consumer spending by the crack of a whip, while taking away their ability to save. People with no savings have no safety net of their own, making the cuts to social programs even more dire, and only increasing the tensions between the voters and electorate.

All this shortsighted monetary policy just creates deflation, not the inflation they are seeking, as it would in better times. It creates a growing resistance to spend on discretionary goods, many opting instead to paying off debts like mortgages. Just as we see with commodity prices around the world falling, as a result of corporations being unwilling to invest in growing their businesses, preferring instead to buy back their own shares. This is exactly the activity that doesn’t spur economic growth, and yet the current crop of experts, trained only in partial Keynesian economics, insists on doubling-down on this lunacy. The people who know better, like the former Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, are preaching anti-austerity to anyone who will listen, and a lot of people are listening. It is perhaps ironic, that Canada has decided the opposite, to run deficits, and invest in infrastructure spending, exactly like the contrarian economists suggest.

The building rage over austerity programs in Europe really overflowed in Greece, where riots and political turmoil resulted, but it’s everywhere now. There are nearly constant protests in heart of Europe, in all the countries that have worked hard to achieve first-world standards of living, because they can feel it slipping away, they’ve seen what happened in Cyprus and Greece, and can see the cycle repeating in Portugal and Spain. Conversely, they have good examples like Hungary, which to the chagrin of the global banking cartel, has managed to pay off it’s entire foreign debt by first implementing deep cuts, and by acting swiftly with a resurgent domestic currency. Hungary, the country that has survived nearly every form of socio-political system, is perhaps the only country at the moment to have beat back the encroachment of debt-slavery inherent in “westernization”.

Fight for your right, not the party

To many people austerity is closely linked to the immigration crisis as well. They see hundreds of thousands of belligerent Africans, impoverished Afghans, well-educated Syrians, and a mishmash of peoples from the Caucuses including Chechnya arriving, demanding they be taken care of too. On the surface this argument is no different than the constant fear-mongering over Mexicans over-running American states, when they actually contribute to the workforce and taxes, but it is very different, because the Americans states don’t give universal benefits to fence jumpers, nor are they entering a country unaccustomed to those people. In most southern states, like Texas or Florida, there is plenty of signage in Spanish, and many of the resident speak the language too, the same can’t be said about Lybians entering Austria, or Kurds entering Sweden.

The less known aspects to the migration crisis revolve around the agents encouraging it every step of the way. It is well known that the Turkish intelligence services (MIT) sell forged passports to anyone trying to cross into Greece on a dinghy, and turn a blind eye to all the “human traffickers” that facilitate the trip. We also know from Hungarians who witnessed the early phases of the migration, that wealthy Arabic and Turkic men have been paying individuals to transit into Europe, then collecting them on the other side in expensive cars. The recent cargoes of guns and ammunition caught in Bulgaria and Italy, also came from Turkey, proving at the least that Turkey is a conspirator, and a facilitator to the crisis, if not one of the culprits.

It is with no small irony, that it is France and Britain that insisted on demolishing the thriving African nation of Libya, intent on stealing the oil riches amidst the chaos, which has contributed to around a third of the migrants, and thousands of civilian deaths.

The supporters of this pseudo-imperialist corporate-fascism are no longer limited to what we know as “left” or “right” in politics either, since we see so little dissent. In fact we can safely call this neo-fascism, as it has corrupted the entire political spectrum with ill-gotten gains. We can even reasonably say, that the entire terrorist network operating inside Syria and Iraq is a business enterprise, selling looted oil and priceless antiquities for profit, with selective ethnic cleansing and barbarity thrown in for good measure; by any historical account, that spells fascism too. The fact that they are also being externally gifted recruits, funds, and weapons, from wealthy Islamic Extremists and NATO/CIA programs, doesn’t change this fact.

Conservative leaders like the former president of France, Sarkozy, and the current liberal president, Hollande, are both very much establishment players, they followed the neo-liberal globalist agendas at home, and they followed the neo-conservative regime change imperialism agendas abroad, only varying in degree. The same can be said about Tony Blair and David Cameron, supposedly opposite, strikingly the same. In lay speak that means selling out their citizens to the needs of corporations, then redirecting the money from unemployment benefits, pensions etc, to warring in far away lands, to give those corporations even more business.

By destroying whole countries, the “westerners” under the auspices of NATO, under the banner of humanitarian intervention, have created a need to rebuild, and who better to rebuild than “western” corporations? It is with no small irony, that it is France and Britain that insisted on demolishing the thriving African nation of Libya, intent on stealing the oil riches amidst the chaos, which has contributed to around a third of the migrants, and thousands of collateral civilian deaths.

Thus the waves of anti-austerity, anti-immigrant, ultra-nationalist sentiment is also causing a crisis at the top levels of the European establishment. The spineless bureaucrats that follow their marching orders from the elites are very, very nervous these days. Marine Le Pen in France, and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain have been outside critics of this destructive order, and were marginalized by their cohorts at first, vilified by the media later, but have surged in popularity amongst the voters exactly because of it. The people are sick of being used like pawns, and getting nothing in return.

Patriots like Viktor Orban are no longer seen as tyrants, once demonized for building a razor fence across Hungary’s border to stop migrants entering, he is now joined by the leaders of several central-eastern European countries doing the same. So when Angela Merkel announced Germany would take nearly a million “refugees”, unleashing a torrent of new migrants, she simultaneously slapped every working class citizen in the face.

There is a huge power shift going on, and the power is flowing from the pro-EU/pro-NATO members into the hands of the anti-establishment skeptics. Once merely fringe politicians, and radical back-benchers, they are now in the spotlight, giving damning interviews. Not a result the New World Order types wanted to see.

This rise of the Euro-skeptic was originally centered on monetary policy, but has morphed into a complete distrust of the very structure of the EU. We have a situation now, where larger economies such as France and Germany, are able to strong arm smaller economies like Poland and Italy, where the smaller economies didn’t have all the traditional tools available to fight back. This is what happened with Greece, having given up it’s own domestic currency for the sake of the euro, it was not able to devalue it’s currency to become more competitive. The euro itself is therefore problem, it is the untenable imposition of a common currency across a wide range of countries that’s the problem, countries that should never have been part of the monetary union in the first place. Leading to predatory bailouts to recapitalize the banks, leading to more austerity, leading to privatization, and leading to runaway unemployment as recession sets in.

This is by the way, the same effect that free-trade deals have on nations. For example, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty being discussed in secret, is yet another corporate giveaway, a burden that will be share by the ordinary people trying to make a living. Those fighting to retain the social programs are the ones trying to enter the workforce, the ones in the workforce have to fight to keep their jobs, and are therefore in competition already. By the allowing these megalithic “free-trade” deals, the technocrats in Brussels will effectively impose austerity by another means, an austerity of wages, leading to lower taxes, forcing the governments to cut ever deeper.

It’s a self-defeating circle in the near term, where household earnings will suffer, corporate earnings will suffer, and a total takeover of democratic authority by corporations in the long term. Spread out on a long enough timeline, as things stabilize at a new lower median wage, the weaker corporations will be swallowed up by the larger ones, concentrating both power and wealth, in the hands of fewer and fewer. Ultimately, this also leads to unhealthy monopolies, but ones that will demand greater concessions from anti-monopolists, claiming that competition would be unbearable with such low consumer spending power. If the future is anything like history, the corporations will win the fight. Here the Euro-skeptic is joined by the EU-skeptic, and their revulsion to unelected EU ministers dictating national policies, especially when they see where it’s heading.

The traditional movements towards European solidarity were based on the common understanding that Europe would not tolerate another World War. This singular thought motivated the distraught economic and social planners to create a method to unify Europe politically, but to do this, they decided to unify Europe under a common currency first, to force that change. This was wishful thinking at best. We can see in hindsight that Europe wasn’t ready, the economies weren’t ready, there was too much variation in wages and living standards to make this plan work, and today we see it failing. Though Germany and France have been fighting as hard as they could to save it, other actors have been secretly trying to destabilize it. Actors like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the not-so-hidden hand of the United States.

Boldly going where NATO hasn’t gone before

Which then also leads us to the wishful thinking that is Ukraine, specifically the idea of Ukraine entering NATO, and being able to threaten Russia without a buffer zone between. We could see this as a strategic gamble that didn’t pay off, or more reckless behaviour from the same warmongering elites sprinkled throughout the NATO command structure. I prefer to think that the latter is the more correct, with the added influence of wanting to see some kind of immediate success, something that hasn’t been forthcoming from Afghanistan or the Middle East. The plans to overthrow the Ukrainian government were in the works less than a month after their previous “Orange revolution” poster-boy lost the election, to a pro-Russian patriot. You’d think the people pulling the strings would have learned from this u-turn, or from Egypt, where the “Arab spring” installed Muslim Brotherhood member, was also ousted after a brief stint.

It should be obvious to anyone watching that making a coup d’etat stick, isn’t as easy as winning an election. We would also be amiss in believing the people making the decisions to overthrow democratically elected leaders are sane, or even working for the greater good. There seems to be no shortage of finger pointing, and an endless propaganda barrage against anyone, or any organization, who dares to question their interventions. This is what bullies do. This is what people who know they are wrong do. This is what crazy, imperialist, freedom hating, amoral globalists do. They shoot the messenger, they imprison the whistleblowers, they smear the honest journalists who question too much, and assassinate the characters of informed dissenters as conspiracy nuts.

The Ukraine project is the lovechild of a frustrated American hegemony intent on isolating Russia, rooted in Cold War mentality, and an pessimistic (or is that realistic?) Europe, eager to bolster it’s underwater financial sector, and to bolster the problematic euro itself. Viewing it like this, we can see it was only really an arrangement that seemed synchronous, they were obviously not mutually-exclusive goals, but they were never that parallel to begin with, nor does Empire America ever tolerate equals. So, as with most geo-political events, Washington took the lead.

It shouldn’t be much of a revelation to realize why it failed. Americans have a history of interjecting their point of view into everything, which is understandable to some extent, we see the world as we see ourselves, and this was as true in Vietnam, as it was in Iraq, as it is in Ukraine. Whatever prospect of success there existed in permanently turning Ukraine into a NATO member, was never allowed to happen, because the foundations were never built, and the actors chosen for the job would have been locked up in any self-respecting NATO country. There was no recipe for success, only a list of possible actions, that might lead to outcomes that served America’s interests, and if they were lucky, Europe’s interests too.

We should all be aware of the beginning of the end by now, that fateful day when America used it’s international muscle, to impose sanctions on Russia. The Malaysian airliner being shot down was one excuse, the declaration of independence by the Crimean people was the other, but more targeted sanctions were imposed since then as well, with little attempt at justification. This wasn’t the obvious turning point in Ukraine’s future, until some time had passed, and all those blind supporters suddenly realized that it was hurting them. Countries like Germany, France, Italy, Japan, all suffered for their adherence to American hegemony, and their insecure need to stand in solidarity with NATO. France suffered a slightly more humiliating pain, when under pressure from Canada, America, and Britain, president Hollande cancelled their contract to sell some very expensive ships to Russia, a hit to their economy for sure, but also a huge hit to their business reputation.

As Europe’s economies were being hurt, the Americans ploughed ahead with their post-coup structural support of Ukraine’s newly unelected puppet regime. They probably watched the Europeans squirm with delight, as they imported more trained mercenaries into Ukraine, including contractors like Blackwater, which earned the reputation of being indiscriminate killers in Iraq. These killers would fight along side the mysteriously fast ascending Right Sector neo-nazi groups, supporting a Jewish president of all people. Later the Ukrainian constitution was changed to allow foreigners to serve in the nation’s military, as if whatever pretence of legitimacy no longer mattered.

Except even this wasn’t enough to overcome the entrenched separatists in the Donbass and Lugansk regions, who had much of the major manufacturing, and a lot of ethnic Russians, with a lot of Russian friends not far away. As it turned out, a lot of Russian military personnel took time off to visit these regions, funny that. The dreams of American shale gas developers having dibs on the Donyetsk shale deposits slipped away with every passing day.

The Ukrainian civil war was a big mess for all involved, friends became political enemies, families were forced to flee, neo-nazi extremists were killing and beating anyone with so much as familial ties to Russia. As bad as the war became, the worst hit in all this actually ended up being the Ukrainian economy, as the currency crashed with the ruble, everything they were buying became unaffordable, except what few items were available from nearby Russia. We could mull over the idea that this effect was never anticipated, and that it caught the Maidan coup d’etat planners off guard, but then we would have to look at them like bungling idiots wouldn’t we? That’s hardly any more flattering than power hungry psychos.

Then to make matters even worse for the US-backed regime, Russia stepped in to supply humanitarian goods, with plenty of ammunition as well, ensuring the fighting separatists could hold out, while the most vulnerable families could take refuge on the Russian side of the border. It was at this moment, more than any other, that Putin put to shame all the heartless western leaders complicit in the project, and in doing so, earned the respect of a lot of ordinary people around the world. This was exactly the opposite of what the narrative was supposed to be, the narrative being peddled 24/7 by the western media conglomerates.

This naturally made the Americans quietly furious, and even more aggressive, maybe even a little hostile to Europe, at least to those who dared to voice their concerns openly. They pay close to a billion dollars a year to spread anti-Russian propaganda around the world, and this is what they get for it?

Growing domestic opposition

Then we started hearing opposition groups become more vocal, sensing their opportunity to side with the people, they took full advantage. Nigel Farage in Britain would give long speeches about the evils of the EU, and it’s unjustifiable support of U.S. foreign policy; while Marine Le Pen in France would openly praise Vladmir Putin, while decrying American interventions on Europe’s doorstep.

Curiously, Angela Merkel stayed silent in her disapproval of the actions of the American neo-nazi militias running wild in Ukraine, but this was likely the result of some clever blackmail by the CIA and NSA, who threatened to withhold key spying software and any information on potential terrorist activity. To Merkel, national security came before sound national policy, and the issue quietly went away. Yet it wasn’t the German compliance that was unusual, but the lack of a strategy. Never a good sign.

This economic suicide was foisted on Europe and Japan, they didn’t lead the charge, and it wasn’t going to hurt the Americans one bit. This coupled with the increasing insanity spewing from Washington, began to take it’s toll on the world leaders themselves. They had to support this madness as their own citizens were protesting, they had to give speeches to quell the masses with the flimsiest of excuses, and when confronted in earnest, had to stand their ground with a notable absence of sound logic.

Meanwhile, Putin accelerated plans to circumvent the sanctions, working even closer with the Chinese to create alternate methods of moving capital, although still hobbled by a lack of low interest loans from abroad. This began to look more and more like Russia would come through it just fine to the Europeans, and stress fractures in the Union started showing up in unexpected places. Merkel even started making noises about improving relations with Russia for the sake of mutual interest, not that her leash would let her go that far, but it was a clear sign that Europeans were increasingly unhappy with the arrangement, and they didn’t see Russia as the enemy as they were supposed to.

Perhaps Europe wasn’t about to sacrifice itself for American interests.

Damned Turks

Up until the Russian intervention in Syria, Turkey was playing a long game on behalf of the United States. Being a key ally with a minority government, wasn’t really conducive to much beyond that. They fought the Kurds, they pretended to fight terrorists, while immensely profiting with European oil companies who partnered with them, to sell the terrorist oil. Some of it for as little as $10 per barrel, at a time when the average price was well above $60 per barrel on the open market.

Erdogan’s own son, with the full support of the intelligence services, had built up an entire supply trading structure, that directly benefited Europe coincidentally by driving down prices. Whatever other plans the world leaders had in the region regarding pipelines, and bypassing Russia or Iran, was really more daydreaming than anything. I don’t really think the Turks were expecting much from Syria’s “civil war” in the sense of economic interests, they seemed to be content just siphoning profit for the most part, hoping one day to annex part of the territory from a failed state. They were fully complicit in the destruction of Syria of course, bombing civilian areas to drive people out, and providing the chemical weapons to the terrorists, which they would try to pin on Assad’s forces, with little success.

This destruction however had bizarre results, it increased the number of refugees, but not how they expected. Most Syrians didn’t want to leave! Many of them intially moved over the borders into Iraq, trying to stay within range of their home, and had to be forcibly driven out by coalition air strikes for not following the plan. While an even larger number of Syrian “refugees” slowly migrated west, towards Damascus and other government controlled areas, and it was these suburbs that came under the heaviest mortar fire from the terrorist groups in the south, given the friendly sounding Free Syrian Army moniker.

When it became obvious that Syrians just didn’t want to leave, the Americans employed various Kurdish extremists to drive ethnic minorities out of the Kurdish dominated regions. Trapped by the really awful terrorist groups to the south, most of these minorities, including many Christians, fled to Turkey. Again, on the surface this seems unrelated to anything, but being the opportunists they are, Turkey started demanding money to build refugee camps along the border, and billions they got. Who can resist a feel-good refugee story afterall?

Erdogan used the opportunity to create buffer zones between the Turkmen who supported him, and the Kurds who didn’t. It was in many of these camps that the CIA and Pentagon recruited from, for additional fighters to be implanted back into Syria, and initially they did. They managed to cobble together poor men of fighting age into fairly useless squads, which they would also conveniently label the Free Syrian Army, even though they had no relation to any of the other groups. By the time the Pentagon actually admitted that most of these recruits deserted, or got absorbed into Jahbat Al-Nusra around Aleppo or other hardcore terrorist groups in the east, you could almost laugh.

Everything changed when Russia was invited to help the Syrian government beat back the encroaching terrorist groups supported by the CIA and Pentagon. At first, Turkey sat quietly and watched, their oil smuggling operations were safe under coalition air cover, and their arms smuggling by Turkmen groups to Al-Nusra in western Syria was not in the crosshairs. Assad had asked primarily to re-attach the severed routes between the various provinces, many of the cities were safely under Syrian Arab Army control, but the transit corridors were littered with terrorist hotspots. Russia obliged, spending the majority of the first week clearing the major highways from Damascus to Aleppo, around the naval base at Tartus, and the important air base in Latakia. With Syrian ground forces now able to deploy wherever needed, and full aerial surveillance, any momentum the terrorists had was now reversed.

That is when the coalition lost their minds.

Wake up call

Suddenly it dawned on everyone, just like Ukraine, Syria would stall, and their fantasies of unfettered imperialism fizzled like overcooked bacon. Russia was the one player that could forestall any clear victory, and hold them to account. Worse still, the Russians could easily halt the flow of cheap oil into Europe, expose the coalition’s phony bombing campaign, or worse, create a no-fly zone over Syria.

Russia was on the side of international law here. As astute or as dense as the western leaders are, this puts them into a giant paradox, break all the international laws they all swore to uphold in order to protect their hegemonic adventurism, or allow the Russian alliance with Syria and Iran run the show. This was clearly a challenging problem to solve for NATO, it was one more wedge between American and European interests. It so utterly exposed the schizophrenic adherence to international laws among the western leaders, not just the rhetorical war in the media, but when it came to skin in the game. Even the United Nations Security Council was being gamed to support wars that are illegal under both UN Resolutions, and the Geneva Conventions. It just wasn’t that obvious to the dulled masses before.

Those of us paying attention since the Gulf War era could easily remember, one day they were arguing that a country needs a regime change for being undemocratic, the next day arguing that a democratically elected government is illegitimate. This total hypocrisy only worked because of widespread complicity, a unified message across the important dignitaries at these worldly forums, and total capitulation by the mainstream media. When the message stopped being unified, when the leaders started staring at each other uncomfortably instead of talking, when the backup plans were all used up, all that was left were a bunch of naked wannabe emperors.

The growing confusion in the United States position on any given topic was palpable, but aside from the effect on the public that had once unconditionally supported everything, the effect it had on the rest of Europe was more damaging. NATO itself has been a tool of American foreign policy, it has rarely if ever operated on its own, without a leash leading to their handler in Washington. NATO has therefore operated more like a pack of wolves than any a round table, falling in behind the leader of the pack, and now the leader was sulking in the corner, doubting its ability to get anything done.

This crisis of faith within NATO, combined with the stress of the migrant crisis, overlaid onto a very fragile Eurozone, is for the first time forcing the establishment leaders to think for themselves. And as they did that, they might just have realized they aren’t on the same page afterall. Erdogan certainly took this as his moment to be a chaos agent, further putting the screws to the Europeans begging for relief from the migrating hordes of the unclean. The American Empire might have relished the thought of a diminished European Union, but they might have set in motion a destruction tsunami of bad policies, and NATO’s very foundation is at stake.

Then Turkey did the one thing that no one foresaw, except some State Dept or Pentagon officials that will never admit it, chose their own adventure, and had their airforce shoot down a Russian fighter-bomber, in a pre-planned strike. Worse still, his own Turkmen terrorist group operating in Syria, headed by his own intelligence officers, killed the parachuting pilot in a brazen act of war criminality, which they had the foresight to record from 8 directions. If what we saw up to this point was an incoherent drunkard in NATO, this was an act of spite, wrapped in hubris. Turkey gave a big middle finger to Russia, and NATO in the same breath. In a single move, Erdogan became a wife beater, and everyone saw him do it.

Without warning, everyone’s favourite clearing house for stolen oil, arms trading, terrorist training, and money laundering, became a pariah, irreparably harming the reputations of those who stuck with them this long. Even Israel, complicit in many of the same dirty deeds, and oft times partner of Turkey decided to seek cover from the fallout. It’s safe to assume Erdogan was brimming with narcissistic pride at the time, he had just secured another 3 billion euros from the disgruntled EU, and had just received a few more military toys of his own. He probably thought he was untouchable, masterfully playing all sides with impunity, cruising his country to EU membership.

Erdogan, as so many US-backed tyrants, made the ultimate mistake in hindsight, he had defied his masters, made fools of them, and possibly derailed all their plans. It remains to be seen when his excellency will be punished by his own, but Putin isn’t waiting around for it to happen. Whatever pre-text NATO had to impose the no-fly zone that Turkey had demanded for the past year, was gone. A no-fly zone would have only benefited the terrorists, allowing them to regroup without fear of bombs, exactly what they wanted, despite any rhetoric to the contrary. Yet for all their scheming, it was all to be replaced by a Russian controlled air-space, with triple the aerial firepower on tap, and plenty of cutting edge surface-to-air missile systems to keep it that way.

Whoever masterminded the attack on the Russian jet underestimated the level headed Putin, and his highly decorated ally General Soleimani, who personally launched a successful anti-terrorism operation on those Turkish fighters, recovering the co-pilot from hostile territory. Having sorted out that little mess, Russia now unequivocally owns the skies above Syria, and there’s not a damn thing any of the supporters of terrorism can do about it.

The downing of the Russian passenger jet in Egypt, along with the downing of the bomber in Syria, gave Putin all the legal authority he needed to crush these bastards, and even the American people are with him on this one.

The future of ACRONYM

The way I see it, the Eurozone has a serious structural flaw, and it will inevitably fail. The question they face, is whether to back away willingly, or hold onto their sinking ship as long as possible. Possibilities that they don’t want to entertain. The best of the two is backing away, namely reverting to national currencies, and using the euro purely as a Europe-wide reserve currency. This would totally mess up the Eurobond market, and nullify the various “stability mechanisms” available to the ECB. It would in no small way, diminish any centralized authority over the region, and set back the globalist agenda by decades.

As for NATO, it has a similarly bleak future, if it also can’t accept the obvious solution, which currently it can’t. NATO could do the unthinkable, and invite the Russians, Iranians, and possibly even China or India, to be permanent members. NATO’s entire reason for being was to fight the Communist advance around the world many decades ago, it prided itself on bringing together the “free” western nations as a bulwark, but that “threat” has long since vanished. Inviting Russia would therefore be the antithesis of NATO as it exists today. Which at the very least would require a name change, I rather like: United Hemisphere Organization of Hope (UHOH)…

In many ways, the current threat to the world is NATO itself, and its coalition of imperialist neo-fascist nations, all pretending to be the “good guys”, while supporting all the evils it purports to fight against. It is also not hard to imagine the very fate of the European Union is linked to the fate of NATO. If NATO collapses, the EU will likely back into devolve into distrustful nationalism, taking the down the power structures of the European Council, and if it’s the EU that collapses, then NATO will lack the cohesive will to get anything done, much less agree on who will pay for it.

It remains to be seen whether Turkey, who has sought full EU and NATO membership, will be the agent of it’s destruction, or whether the institutional members will do it on their own. If it starts falling apart, it will be interesting to see if the powers can manage it like a controlled demolition, or lose all control, and get a nasty surprise ending. One world government advocates must be very optimistic at the moment.

It’s become really hard to keep portraying Xi Jinping as a modern day Communist, and Vladmir Putin is no Dr. Evil, when they seem to be the only ones behaving logically, although these days, they look a bit smug don’t they?

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