Doesn’t The Populist Left Have Any Testicles?

When a population is crying out for a populist leader to save them from the unrepresentative establishment in power, why can’t those leaders show some backbone, and act boldly like the people demand?

Ahh BREXIT, the single most over-hyped panic-attack the elites have had, at least since the last over-hyped panic-attack of the possibility of a GREXIT. Once again, they pulled out all the stops to frighten the masses, trying to prevent those masses from exercising their voice, the very essence of democracy.

We in the west are told daily about the virtues of democracy, freedom, and bacteria infested hotdogs on glyphosate-laced buns. We are taught that only democracy can be a true representation of the will of people. Anyone observant will realize this is a total lie, there’s very little representative about a Senate, Congress, the House of Lords, or even the parliamentary houses of the various other nations. They promise things to get elected, they sway voters with their apparent intentions and as-presented moral compasses, but what happens after election is usually the opposite, only loosely dressed in excuses and mitigating nonsensical logic.

David Cameron, who beat back the populist Labour party threat of Jeremy Corbyn, did so with a clever fear campaign. Cameron was backed by financial elites and the Rupert Murdoch spiderweb of media, who vilified Corbyn from the day he entered the race for party leadership. They snatched a majority victory from what should have been something more representative: a minority parliament.

Perhaps as usual, the people mollified by the democratic process itself, mostly accepted the Tory dictatorship without question, focusing instead on dealing with whatever new agenda they would foist on the people. It personally amazed me how sympathetic and gullible the Tory voters were, as history should have told them Cameron was just the new Tony Blair in disguise. I’m still not sure how much of the result was the fear of change, or the fact that Cameron promised to hold a referendum on the EU membership, but the campaign worked. The austerity programs favoured by the EU and the financial elites came soon after. The public outcry came soon after that.

They proceeded to use their majority powers to continue the wanton destruction of the National Healthcare Service, like underpaying new doctors, or fiddling with complex hiring practices. They implemented new tax schemes and housing regimes which further hurt the working poor, all to save a few billion here and there. Schools were shut down as too much of a drain on various city councils, since the federal funding dried up too. This would have been somewhat acceptable, as everyone in the west is being badgered endlessly about low growth, and the need for cutbacks, but they did this while stumping the need to spend more than 167 billion pounds on modernizing the fleet of nuclear missile submarines. This didn’t go over very well with the average person, not at all.

I’m sure the elites knew there was a crescendo of discontent rising, but in their hubris they assumed they could handle it, like they had “handled” the Scottish independence referendum.

The Great White Hype

Corbyn, who had won nomination by overwhelming majority in his party, only won by being what Blair was not, therefore inspiring a whole wave of new members to give him a shot. Labour had lost a lot of support out of disgust with Tony Blair, and the Iraq war he promoted, but some of these Blairites hung onto their seats, quietly campaigning for the very same entrenched interests that Cameron represented. Much like the Democrats and Republicans in America, often you can’t tell the difference between the party in power, and the official opposition. Corbyn and his supporters sought to change that, and for a moment it seemed he had.

Once Corbyn was seated at the top of Labour, you would naturally expect electioneering nonsense to have stopped, but you’d have been wrong in thinking that any of the anti-Corbynism had to do with jockeying for leadership. After the nomination, the antagonism switched from external attacks in the newspapers and TV, to internal attacks by the Blairites of the Labour party. As such, you had immediate divisions between Corbyn’s new anti-nuke, pro-environment members, echoing the sentiment of the people who elected them, and the “establishment” muppets.

One major point of contention persisted from before the campaign, the whole issue of the leased American Trident nuclear missiles, ostensibly for deterrance against some phantom aggression from Russia. Many of the Trident supporters didn’t quite understand the nature of the limited partnership with the Americans, specifically that the UK had no authorization to launch the missiles without express approval from Washington, and the unlock codes provided by their Department of Defense. This made the whole argument rather hilariously vague, because no one in the establishment wanted to admit the UK had no sovereign rights to the nukes, and none of the new branch of anti-nuke Corbyinites wanted to suggest mothballing all the submarines specifically designed to host the Trident system. In the end Corbyn compromised on his tough stance on the uselessness of nuclear weapons in the modern age, allowing ministers in his party a free vote on any such matters, but this damaged his credibility as an ardent anti-nuke campaigner.

Another challenge came in the form of the Jewish lobby viciously attacking a Labour party member for some anti-Israel comments, because as we all know, the Jewish lobby likes to associate Israeli politics with the very identity of being Jewish. Corbyn acted swiftly to get the this evil offender of Jewishness out of the party, but then one of the oldest party members made a crude joke suggesting Hitler was a Zionist, as a casual remark on the aforementioned incident, which drove the Jewish lobby mental yet again. Thus Ken Livingston was fired for reminding people of the little known Transfer Agreement, whereby Hitler encouraged Jews inside Germany, with the help of Zionists outside of Germany, to smuggle people and wealth into Jewish Palestine, past the English economic embargo. Poor Ken was hoisted on his petard for knowing his inconvenient history, but this too seriously damaged Corbyn’s reputation, as most of his genuinely leftist supporters are also very much against the establishment’s support of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. I’m sure Corbyn read the tea leaves wrong here, and tried to play it safe, doing what he could to prevent the anti-semitic label from sticking to his party, but it cost him dearly.

David and the unscrupulous Tories won the election, for all appearances cementing the status quo, but to be absolutely sure, the elites most threatened by this sudden burst of populist democracy, refocused their efforts on snuffing out the movement as quickly as possible. It seemed like any attack on Corbyn and the Labour party was rubber-stamped, truth didn’t really matter. The Murdoch press slandered him for being unpatriotic, for trying to make Britain defenseless, and to destroy the financial industry with his socialist views on public financing, instead of constant bank bailouts and market manipulation. The internal Labour party strife was just icing on that cake.

What was interesting for the keen-eyed spectator, wasn’t just how obvious this vilification agenda was, but how obviously the attacks came from the entrenched political and financial elites, the same ones who supported the economic destruction of Greece to maintain the EU status quo. These were the warmongers of Westminster, the anti-democrats, ostensibly taking orders from the same groups of psychos that control the Pentagon from across the pond. Exactly like the neo-liberal Democrat imperialists, who pre-ordained Hillary Clinton as their fearless liar-in-chief; the same ones who spread all sorts of negative stories about the perils of Bernie Sanders getting nominated. The parallels were endless.

So having witnesses Corbyn trudge through the worst overt attacks I’ve seen since Obama’s first couple of years, it struck me that Corbyn is a genuinely good man. The problem he has, is the same problem plaguing the genuine left-of-center politicians, they are so used to trying to be tolerant, and helping the “oppressed” groups overcome some nebulous danger, that they fail to take a tough stand on any issue, out of fear of “oppressing” some other group, or seeming “intolerant” towards another. Their very reputation actually depends on their spinelessness!

In short, this new wave of cultural-Marxism has castrated the left, possibly for decades to come. I predict that the only intellectual and moral individuals to emerge from this new paradigm will all come from the “right” side of the aisle. Though this doesn’t have to be the case at all, you can be a genuinely good person, believe in all manner of social programs for the unfortunate, and still have strong convictions. The problem is with the voters, the destruction of critical thinking skills over the last several decades, the deliberate imposition of impossible equality through draconian means, and the constant barrage of disinformation from government bodies to further their agenda.

I could use the very rise of the far-right parties in Germany and Austria as perfect examples, their leaders and members are unafraid of upsetting people, because they realize their very culture hangs in the balance. They may (or may not) have good policies to serve the people they are trying to protect, but their anger at the castrated left is palpable, their disgust with the short-sighted actions of forced multiculturalism is very real, and their intellectual objections to neo-liberalism is perfectly valid. It is the failure of the “left” to not engage with the far-right, not the other way around. It is the failure of the neo-liberal advocates of globalism to not listen to their people, not the other way around.

This lack of a clear moral center then makes the “liberal”, or “socialist”, or “leftist” leadership easy to manhandle, by the vested corporate interests that should be in direct opposition to them.

My favourite mistake

David Cameron was visible shaken after the BREXIT referendum, he had made a desperate final push to win his election by promising to hold a referendum, so in that sense, his gambit worked. What he and the majority of establishment couldn’t see, is the more they pushed, the more the people pushed back. The other day, I saw a poll showing the sentiment leading up to Obama’s visit, and his frankly insulting ultimatum speech might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Leave sentiment started skyrocketing, and the increasingly dire warnings via the mass media only fanned the flames, the elites were afraid, the citizens could smell it.

Just like in America, the people have had enough of their living standard falling every year, and most certainly had enough of the blatantly unrepresentative behaviour of their elected officials, and for some reason, a critical mass was reached this year. I could feel the slow buildup of political rage brewing, and each time democracy was denied for a people, it made the rage stronger, and the determination of the average voter more intense. I firmly believe this populist movement to take back power from the oligarchs was heavily influenced by external events, starting with the Greeks being betrayed in their own GREXIT referendum, and ending with the DNC snub of Bernie Sanders through outright fraud. The people had tried begging, they tried pleading, they voted, signed petitions, they showed up at community meetings, and nothing changed.

The elites had been relying on decades of voter suppression, gerrymandering, and arcane election rules to maintain voter apathy, and decrease voter turnout. The establishment’s only weapon was to disenfranchise people, to beat them down, to make their contribution feel meaningless, to take away their hope of change. Only then would ordinary people willingly play the game, and keep the economic rape-train going. However, when Bernie Sanders came so close to clinching his party nomination, people didn’t give up, for the first time, there was only a hair between failure and victory. Canada proved that when people mobilize, crazy things can happen, and the third place contender rocketed into office with a majority, with the highest voter turnout in about 22 years. High voter turnout is the best weapon we as people have to make a difference.

The message of hope and real change resonated with Canadians, who elected to throw out their ruling Conservative party with prejudice, for being undemocratic, and to put it bluntly, un-Canadian, at the end of 2015. The same message resonated with tens of millions of Bernie Sanders supporters, who were engaging the political mess for the first time. This was going to be the year of the voter turnout. The Brits were not going to be denied their say. Anyone who didn’t see then, and doesn’t see it now, that this is a worldwide movement, is either too dense, or willfully ignorant.

And just like that, the European statist regime was kicked in the teeth.

The Falling Dominoes

From the Tory side, Cameron at least gave a depressing stump speech about not being the man to steer the ship any longer, as a final excuse to resign. Osborne, the financial terrorist who cut social programs for the needy, to finance the war machine, just disappeared into the wallpaper. And Boris Johnson, the former mayor who was spearheading the Tory camp in favour of exiting the EU, now has to explain the ramifications of the successful vote, to a largely hungover electorate. There is no doubt that having been on the right side of the vote, Boris the Destructor will do just fine politically.

The same however can’t be said about Corbyn and the Labour party. Fractured and broken by the scandals, torn apart by the ostensible failure of the Labour leadership to mobilize Britons to vote stay, there are calls for Corbyn’s head. There is some deep irony here, elected as the populist, the staunch supporter of human rights, and a strong supporter of social democracy, he found himself on the wrong side of the vote, and the wrong side of the people. The accusations are flying as I write this, that Corbyn sabotaged the UK by not drumming up more support to stay, though in hindsight, he doesn’t seem like a man who would have fought to stay in the EU personally, and it was likely yet another compromise.

I do understand he must have been in a tough position, the youth vote mostly leaned towards stay, and the old white English population which had mostly voted Conservative, were the main force behind the leave vote. I still believe he should have taken a more principled stand on all the issues he faced. He should have kept up the fight on Tridents and the ridiculously top heavy Royal Navy, against whatever his Blairite and pro-corporate-welfare party members wanted, maybe even fired them all. He should have defended his new members from the spurious accusations of anti-semitism from the Jewish lobby, and any of the sycophants who support them, to prove that he’s in solidarity with the truth, not some pushover. Anytime a politician sides with Israel, or any Jewish groups, they are by default throwing Palestinians under the bus. I think, had he stuck to his guns, his life would have been harder, but he would have come out of this whole BREXIT episode with the reputation of a leader people would actually want. He might have even prevented a BREXIT, by mobilizing those voters that instead gave up on him.

Perhaps more importantly, this was a repudiation of NATO, not just the EU. Voters were sick of supporting the wars-of-false-pretexts started with Tony Blair. They have been hurt by the sanctions against Russia, for Crimea’s boldness in leaving the post-coup Ukraine to drown in its Neo-Nazi blood. A place that will be another quagmire for years to come, and one that threatened to unleash another horde of unemployed Ukrainians into the EU, many of which would settle in the UK ultimately. NATO is the biggest threat to peace in the world, but the UK voter didn’t get a chance to opt-out of NATO, they got a chance to opt-out of the main organization supporting its existence.

As it turns out, nearly everyone got it wrong. The Conservatives who banked on the vote securing their future, lost their future because of the Conservative voters. Labour and the new “left” supported the untenable existing order of things, which was the opposite of what they were elected to do. Boris Johnson pulled off a deft move, by siding with Nigel Farage’s UKIP to vote leave, he probably won the hearts and minds of the UKIP membership, who seemed to exist solely for this issue, while simultaneously gutting the Labour opposition. At this point, it’s doubtful anyone could mount a successful challenge to Boris ascending the throne, short of an outsider like George Galloway jumping into the contest, who also supported the leave side. No one else has any credibility with voters. That’s if they ever did.

It really is amazing how so many people got it so wrong, or just ignored the silent majority.

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