macro-politics, the game of influence, and social unrest

Imagine Overt Tribalism in World News… oh wait…

Since people are inherently tribal, it is perhaps only fitting that news is represented in a tribalist fashion, except it isn't always. The news would be a very strange thing to most people, if tribal and religious affiliations were always disclosed, but that might unravel decades of clever deception too. 

Terrorist Road Trip

With the unexpected success of the Syrian Arab Armies, backed by Russian air power, and many militia groups such as the National Defense Forces, has put Coalition-backed terrorist force commanders in a pickle. What now? 

The Chess Game Comes to France – Shots fired

It may seem callous at first, but I wasn't struck by the horrific massacre in Paris. A little surprised perhaps, but it merely capped off a bloody week around the world, and Paris got off easy, it's the game that matters.